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Your apartment or house has become too big so that a room or a small apartment woud be empty?
You want to free yourself from some daily tasks or occasional jobs which have become too difficult, like keeping the garden in order?

Can you imagine to let a room to someone young, e.g. a student, who could do all this, shopping, garbage, hanging the washing, cleaning the windows - someone who will also walk the dog and read out the newspaper to you, accompany you to the doctor´s or cultural events? You could thus be freed of a thousand odd tasks, which you do not want do do any more or for which you would appreciate some assistance and company.
Letting a room to a homesharer maybe an ideal solution which would also allow you to reorganise daily life for the better.

Further Advantages:
There is always someone around, which can give you a feeling of security. And there is always someone to talk to about current events or other topics.
Tolerance is certainly demanded, but of course you show the way.

Attention: Elder Citizens should read the chapter "Safety" under the FAQs.

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