Au Pair or Homesharer

Childcare and Au Pairs

Au pairs are often no adequate solution, when there is not really enough work for them to do. It is difficult to get one, their language knowledge may be poor so that supervision of homework cannot be done.

And on top are quite a bit of buraucracy, legal tangles and costs:


  • Agency and the whole process of placement,
  • Foreign Nationals Registration Office,
  • Holidays,
  • Insurance,
  • an eventual deposit, to ensure that the au pair returns home

Some families, who had engaged an au pair for their two kids find that all of a sudden they have three now, apart from home- or heartsickness and other surprises which may have an impact on family life.
Furthermore an au pair is considered to be treated as a family member, which may be a problem.

If there are no kids, there cannot be an au pair. They must not be charged of seeing to seniors, for example, but it is often the case, that some support is needed there, as well as with other tasks, as answering the phone regularly during your break or helping in your business occasionally.
With a Homesharer no red tape is involved, because everything is based on a simple tenancy agreement with an annex.

Whoever still wants an au pair can find it over

Childcare, Babysitter or Homeshare?

Child carers and babysitters are costly. They usually have travel expenses which you will find in some way or another on your bill.
So for families and single parents, it would be a great advangage to have someone around at home, where distances and decisions are short and can be handled with great flexibility.