Homeshare between Young and Old

Partnership between the Generations

Who are the future Partners?

Young People
This site provides a service to people in different phases of their life. On the one hand young people, having just left home, but still relying financially on their parents. They are students, apprentices or trainees, yes, they may even be even still at school. It´s a time of dreams, orientation and adventure but the lack of money always produces un uncomfortable landing in reality.

In between are the families and single parents, the fighters, active, energetic, saving for a home, running some businss, who are plagued by all sorts of daily stress and the lack of time. Work, family, money, loans, insurances, holidays, friends, leisure - everything has to be planned and organised. Saturday is the time for the most important errands, repairs and shopping for the week. On Sunday there´s a bit of rest, if no "leisure stress" is produced. On Monday the whole thing starts all over again. 

Hilfe bei Senioren

Yes, and then the children, whose  needs are often sacrificed. Parents claim, that they had never pictured themseves how energy-sapping children are.

Retired Persons, Pensioners

Then there are elder people, who view the world with same detachment. They want to step back a bit and appreciate assistance.

United we are strong

Here is the chance now to help each other - Young helps Old and vice versa.
People who struggle for their career and existance, families or single parents or also elder people often have some room to let, while young people need some and would also share some of their time and work forse for it. Also elder people would like to lend a hand in situations and at tasks where there is need and where they feel competent.