Housing nearby Wageningen (NL) between 16-02-2019 and 13-08-2019

Private person - Advertiser: Samuel

16547 Birkenwerder
22 years - Single
Non-Smoker | No Driver's license | No Allergies
B. Sc. Horticultural Science | Studies

Needs and Preferences:

Male landlord preferred
Requirements on Tenancy:
2019 Feb 16 to 2019 Aug 13 200 €
40 hours offered
What I can offer:
  1. Household chores, Pets
  2. Bearing company (companionship, errands)
  3. Small repairs, gardening
  4. Child care and private lessons
  5. gardening, painting, design, conversation
I am searching for any kind of housing in Wageningen or nearby between 16.02.2019 and 13.08.2019. Referring to housing I am very open to uncommon opportunities (f. ex. Housesitting, housing for help, co-housing,...) but also a „normal“ student room or living community would be perfect. If you can provide something like that or if you know someone who maybe could, please let me know. Currently I am studying horticultural science in Berlin (Germany). I will spend an exchange semester at Wageningen between period 4 and 6, my name is Samuel and I am 22 years old.

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