Reduced rent for grocery shopping and light cooking

Private person sleepingweazel

60 years - Single
02760 North Attleboro
United States

300 $

Move-in ...
2021 Dec 2 to 2022 Jun 2
Preferred Tenant:
Single | 31-50 J.

Shared Facilities:
Kitchen, laundry room, dining room - Public transport: No
Beautiful home with furnished bedroom available. Shared bathroom. Use of kitchen and washer/dryer.

General Conditions:

20 Hours per month
Pets: No
Driver´s licence is required
Physical handicaps: No

Help needed with:

  1. Cooking/grocery shopping
I am a recently widowed, 60-year-old woman who needs help with keeping food in the house and cooking dinners. My daughter is in college and at home over holidays and summer. Would be great to have someone food shop for me and prepare dinner.
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