Live and work in Italy

Private person umbrienchris

53 years - Married


150 €

Move-in ...
2018 Jan 26 to 2018 Apr 27
Preferred Tenant:
No Preference | no matter J.

Shared Facilities:
washing machines - Public transport: in 4 km distance busstop, trainstation 15 km
You (single or couple) may live in Umbria and now and then give us a helping hand in Umbria, central Italy, close by Lake Trasimeno. You will stay in your own apartment and serve yourself with food. Our house is positioned amidst the Natural Park Trasimeno and 4 km away from the next town. So you would need a car. There are many sports facilities close by and Rome or Florence are only about 90 min. drive. The seashores are about 150 km on both sides. So you are actually in the very centre of Italy close to Perugia, Assisi, Siena, Orvieto... Part of the time we will stay and work here together and partly you will stay here on your own. So we wish people who like nature and are not scared of staying alone at a house. Dogs welcome.

General Conditions:

?? Hours per month
Pets: 2 cats
Driver´s licence is required
Physical handicaps: light handicaps ok

Help needed with:

  1. Household chores, Pets
  2. Small repairs, gardening
You will live in a beautifully located stonehouse 4 km from the next town.You need a car/divers license. We expect you to help now and then with the housekeeping or in the garden. Exception our 2 cats: they need to be fed everyday while we are not present. Experience is not needed - we will show you what to do and how. Most important is that you love nature. You should not be scared of staying alone here as we might be out for a while and you will have to care for the house and the animals on your own. The start could be in January 2018. Our only requirement is that you stay for at least 6 weeks, a longer stay is welcome! Just contact us!
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