3 month Room in exchange for Nanny w - spending stipend

Earliest move-in date: 

Monday, 2022, January 17 to Sunday, 2022, May 1

Rooms and facilities in common: 

Main furnished bedroom and private bathroom

Details on living conditions: 

The Caregiver/Nanny will live at the family home starting for 15weeks January 17th- May 1. I will be on a work assignment out of town. During this period the Child Caregiver shall be given the opportunity to exchange Caregiving Services for main room w/spending stipend. Responsible for dropping elementary age child to school 1.5 mile range, basic home maintenance, and general supervision. Basically having an adult in the home overnight. One teen who is self sufficient, with an occasional drop off 1x3 weeks or so for band; 0.8 distance. 2 bedroom 2 bath apartment; use of the main room with private bathroom. Spending Stipend of $500 per month. References, ID, background required. Every 1st, 3rd, 5th weekend off. Sunday Days' personal time. Small dog -teen tends to the pet. 8 year old child is to be dropped to school, snack prep, overnight presence.

Public transport: 

Must have transportation

Pets to care for: 

Teen cares for Small Indoor Dog

Desired gender: 


Desired age: 

no matter

Desired maritual status: 

Of no importance

Visitors allowed: 

1 when children are not present only

Seeking help with ...: 

Child care and private lessons
Prepare Meals/Snacks, drop off - bus stop after school (preferred not required)

Monthly rent: 


Driver´s licence: 



Single parent is ok